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Riel Lawyers

Practice Areas

Our team offers highly personalized and specialized real estate services combining its specific expertise with professionalism and efficiency. The firm’s success is based on its capacity to deal with all transactions efficiently while always keeping a business approach with its clients. The firm offers the following real estate services:

Commercial Leasing: negotiation and drafting of various transactions and documents relating to office, retail and industrial properties. The firm represents owners and tenants in numerous and notable commercial leasing transactions in the province of Québec, elsewhere in Canada and in the Unites States of America. From the beginning of their negotiations to the signing of their leases, we assist our clients in all types of transactions, including assignments and subleases as well as other ancillary documentation and transactions relating to commercial leasing.

Sales/Acquisitions: services relating to sale and acquisition transactions for vacant land as well as commercial properties, including due diligence review, drafting of the offers, deeds of sale as well as all ancillary documentation and services.

Real Estate Development: the members of our firm have been involved in significant real estate development projects and related transactions.

Other real estate matters:

  • All types of real estate management transactions.
  • Servitudes and other title agreements.
  • Title review.